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Traveling to south Louisiana, Lafayette-area in particular? Looking for a church? Please check out Christ Church, where my son-in-law, Brandon Nealy, is lead pastor.

Further reading about the culture of Louisiana snoballs:

The Seven Best Places to get a snowball in Acadiana.  Please continue on and read the comments.

What is Acadiana? Click here.

Planning a road trip to Louisiana? Click here for touring information.

And here’s another link about — what else — but food by a NY Times reporter from 2002.

And here’s a suggested itinerary for New Orleans. Some of this repeats what I’ve already shared with you.

If you’re staying at the Wyndham on Royal Street, lucky you. Royal Street is filled with antiques shops that boggle the mind!
My suggestion would be to get the smallest portion or half-size of whatever it is you want. Get the pralines. Get the desserts. Get the snoballs. Get several snoballs – the smallest size they allow you to have. Get several at one time – get the special of the house.
I believe you could spend a year in NOLA and eat somewhere pretty wonderful every day and not repeat. But I’m not familiar with the city anymore and mostly play it safe and go back to the same places almost every time.
Central Grocery of course, the muffaletta created there. 923 Decatur Street. You’d have to share it with 3 other people. You might want to take some stuff home with you that would keep — I loved this place so much I had a matted and framed muffaletta wrapper (clean) in my breakfast room in my house in La. The wrapper was free but the framing was about $100! This was in the 70s!
Charlie’s Po-Boys – around the corner from Jackson Square. Whatever you get, tho, don’t let them put mayo on it. I love their fried shrimp poboy.
Tee-Eva’s – more than pralines and snoballs! I’ve had her étouffée’.
***** Leah Chase – pay attention to the hours she’s open.

And click here to see Miss Leah making gumbo.

*****Napoleon House – I always want to go there and have a Pimm’s Cup –

And if you go here, walk over a short distance (just ask) to Migon Faget jewelry.
The Carousel Bar – I’ve had the crawfish beignets, cuban sammy and mini monty po-boys. Life was good back then!
You may not care to get on the streetcar but if you never have, you should try to do it – it’s a great way to see the changes in the cultures as you get farther away from the Quarter. Find out about getting the pass for a couple of days. You can get on and off — you can take it to Camellia Grill. Same waiters there for 40 years! Sit at the bar and the mayor might be sitting next to you.
Hansen’s Sno-bliz  Have the Satsuma orange one. Call ahead to make sure they’re open, they, like most other snoball stands are open in the spring and summer months, they typically are closed from October until April.
Go to the Hilton Hotel and there’s a ferry there at the end of Canal Street. Take the ferry to Algiers – the “West Bank.” It gives you a neat view of NOLA that you don’t see otherwise. I wish I could remember the name of the seafood restaurant I like to visit – it’s a half-block from the ferry terminal. Just walk on. I don’t think they charge and if they do it’s minimal. The River Walk shopping area used to be a lot of fun but now I think it’s gone the way of flea market. I’m not sure.
If you’re lucky enough to get the right guide/driver, the horse and carriage ride is interesting and fun. There also used to be a bus tour of the damage Katrina did. It’s fascinating. Your hotel concierge can direct you.
Tours of the Superdome are available.
Don’t forget about the free tours available at the 1850 House. Or ask about them – call ahead. Things may have changed since I was there.
The 1850 House

523 St. Ann St.
Lower Pontalba Bldg., Jackson Square
New Orleans, LA 70116
(504) 524-9118, (800) 568-6968

And if you like WWII history, the WWII Museum which is right on the street car route. They have a FB page (doesn’t everyone?)
Cafe du Monde at any time of the day or night! It’s open 24 hours a day!
I’m very serious about the safety measures – it’s very easy to wander off a block or two and find yourself in an unsafe place. I would take a taxi to and from if you stray very far from lively & well-populated places.

Top 5 New Orleans snowball stands.

Southern Foodways Alliance on the New Orleans Snoball

Snoballs are a big deal in New Orleans and other parts of the state, as well. We all have our favorite stands.

End of summer means end of summer for snoballs.  Thankfully not in Englewood, Florida!

Cajun Grocer is one of best sites to find everything Cajun or Creole if you’re a Displaced Cajun. Tell Mr. Charlie The Sno Queen sent you.

Blue Dog Cafe, one of my favorite restaurants in Lafayette, La.

Bed & Breakfast accommodations in Breaux Bridge, La.:

Country Charm

Cajun Cottages

Bayou Teche Cottages

Bayou Cabins

Isabelle Inn

Need a realtor in south Louisiana?

Emily Nealy and her business partner, Rachel Cook, are more than a “real estate agents.” Their blog goes far beyond than wanting to sell you a house. Check out the Nealy Cook Group. You can also read about the culture, music, festivals and day trips in Acadiana. Emily happens to be my daughter. She’s the blonde in the picture below.

My daughters, Hannah and Emily - 1985

My daughters, Hannah and Emily – 1985

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