Closed until further notice.

I do my best to remain open on scheduled days yet, as always, weather permitting

If it’s storming, I’m not there. If it’s cold enough for me to need long pants, sweater, real shoes instead of flip flops and the heater on, I’m not there. A hurricane? I’m not there, you’re not there and  probably not my trailers, either. 

If the windows are open, I’m still serving.  Up-to-date information is available on FaceBook.

I’m typically closed for a few weeks at Christmas holidays — from mid-December through all of January, reopening the first of February.

Closed Easter, Thanksgiving, and Black Friday. Also closed during the Christmas and New Year holidays. Please check my Facebook page to see updates.

Sometimes I’ll take a few days or weeks here and there to travel yet almost never in the hot months of spring and summer unless it’s a family emergency. Please check FB page.

Occasionally I’m hired to cater an event and I will be closed on that day. I always post on Facebook if able to reopen at the “big trailer.”

I always post on FB if I’m closed on an unscheduled day or delayed opening. I have a close family member whose health is fragile, and his well-being takes precedence over everything else, and I’m the only one available to take care of him.

Please remember that I’m only one person running this and there are times when things are out of my control hindering me from opening. I’ll always post on FaceBook if I’m not open on a scheduled day. 

 The Sno Queen
180 North Indiana Avenue
Englewood, Fla. 34223
941-548-8095 Text (preferred) or Talk